Ya-Jun Pan
Professor, FCAE, FEIC, FASME, FCSME, P.Eng
Advanced Control and Mechatronics Laboratory
Welcome to my website. My research team is with the Advanced Control and Mechatronics Laboratory (ACM-Lab) located in C1-151, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering at Dalhousie University.

Research Opportunities
Graduate positions are available in the group.
If you are interested, please send your updated CV with a list of sample publications and three referees to yajun.pan@dal.ca.

Research Interests
My current research interests are mainly in the areas of systems and control, mechatronics and robotics. Specifically, the following projects are currently carried out in my research team:
a) Robust Nonlinear Control of Systems with Constraints;
b) Teleoperation Systems with Applications to Robotic Manipulators, Electric Vehicles, Haptic Devices and Mobile Robots;
c) Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Systems with Applications to Multiple Mobile Robots, Collaborative Unmanned Systems;
d) Intelligent Transportation Control and dGPS based Navigation Systems;
e) Networked and Distributed Control Systems;
f) Haptics/Exoskeletons/Human Machine Interfaces;
g) Model Predictive Control;
h) Assistive Robotics.

Current Graduate Students:

1. Danjie Zhu, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Sept. 2022 ~, Supervised.

2. Shane Forbrigger, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Oct. 2023 ~, Supervised.

3. Scott Buchanan, MASc, Sept. 2022 ~, Co-Supervised.

4. Nuo Chen, MASc, Sept. 2022 ~, Supervised.

5. George Kennedy, MEng, Sept. 2022 ~, Supervised.

 6. Lucas Wan, Ph.D, Sept. 2021 ~, Supervised.

 7. Sean Smith, PhD, Oct. 2023 ~, Co-Supervised.

8. Qigang Chen, PhD, Jan. 2024 ~, Supervised.

9. Zike Wang, MASc, Sept. 2021 ~, Supervised.

10. Junzhuo Wu, MASc, Sept. 2023 ~ , Co-Supervised.

11. Ryan Adderson, Ph.D., Sept. 2019 ~, Supervised.

12. Prabahar Ravichandran, Ph.D, Sept. 2018 ~, Co-Supervised.

Current Visiting Professor:

13. Prof. Emmanuel Witrant, Sept. 2023 ~ Present.

ACM-Lab Research Project Gallery
The ACM-Lab has state-of-the-art research equipment available to carry out projects related to robotics and control. Here is a list of pictures and diagrams showing research related to several selected past and on-going projects.

a) Intelligent COBOTS, Dexterous Manipulation, Cooperative Manipulation, Human-Robot Interactions


b) Multi-agent Systems, Leader-Follower Consensus/Formation Control, Collision/Obstacle Avoidance


c) Networked Intelligent Vehicles for Autonomous Driving, Collaborative Driving, Remote Control, and dGPS-based Navigation


d) Haptic Device for Tele-vehicle, Telerobotics, Surgical Training, and Virtual Reality


e) Multi-Mobile-Robot Cooperative Tasks, Bio-inspired Construction                   

f) Obstacle Avoidance based on Digital Image Processing

 g) Nonlinear Control of MEMS Electrostatic Torsional Micromirror
 h) Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles