Ya-Jun Pan
Professor, P.Eng
Advanced Control and Mechatronics Laboratory
Welcome to my website. My research team is with the Advanced Control and Mechatronics Laboratory (ACM-Lab) located in C1-151, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering at Dalhousie University.

Research Opportunities
Graduate positions are available in the group.
If you are interested, please send your updated CV with a list of sample publications and three referees to yajun.pan@dal.ca.
A Donald Hill Post-Doctoral Fellow position is availabe. Please see the detailed information of the job post in the link: Donald Hill Post-Doctoral-Fellow Job Post

Research Interests
My current research interests are mainly in the areas of systems and control, mechatronics and robotics. Specifically, the following projects are currently carried out in my research team:
a) Robust Nonlinear Control of Systems with Constraints;
b) Teleoperation Systems with Applications to Robotic Manipulators, Electric Vehicles, Haptic Devices and Mobile Robots;
c) Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Systems with Applications to Multiple Mobile Robots, Collaborative Unmanned Systems;
d) Intelligent Transportation Control and dGPS based Navigation Systems;
e) Networked and Distributed Control Systems;
f) Haptics/Exoskeletons/Human Machine Interfaces;
g) Model Predictive Control;
h) Assistive Robotics.

Current Graduate Students:

1. Danjie Zhu, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Sept. 2022 ~, Supervised.

2. Behzad Akrabi, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Oct. 2022 ~, Supervised.

3. Scott Buchanan, MASc, Sept. 2022 ~, Co-Supervised.

4. Nuo Chen, MASc, Sept. 2022 ~, Supervised.

5. George Kennedy, MEng, Sept. 2022 ~, Supervised.

 6. Lucas Wan, Ph.D, Sept. 2021 ~, Supervised.

 7. Sean Smith, MASc, Sept. 2021 ~, Supervised.

8. Qigang Chen, MASc, Sept. 2021 ~, Supervised.

9. Zike Wang, MASc, Sept. 2021 ~, Supervised.

10. Zifan Fei, MASc, Jan. 2021 ~ , Supervised.

11. Ryan Adderson, Ph.D., Sept. 2019 ~, Supervised.

12. Prabahar Ravichandran, Ph.D, Sept. 2018 ~, Co-Supervised.

 13. Ann-Flor Fontaine, Visiting MASc, Jan. 2023 ~, Supervised.

ACM-Lab Research Project Gallery
The ACM-Lab has state-of-the-art research equipment available to carry out projects related to robotics and control. Here is a list of pictures and diagrams showing research related to several selected past and on-going projects.

a) Intelligent COBOTS, Dexterous Manipulation, Cooperative Manipulation, Human-Robot Interactions


b) Multi-agent Systems, Leader-Follower Consensus/Formation Control, Collision/Obstacle Avoidance


c) Networked Intelligent Vehicles for Autonomous Driving, Collaborative Driving, Remote Control, and dGPS-based Navigation


d) Haptic Device for Tele-vehicle, Telerobotics, Surgical Training, and Virtual Reality


e) Multi-Mobile-Robot Cooperative Tasks, Bio-inspired Construction                   

f) Obstacle Avoidance based on Digital Image Processing

 g) Nonlinear Control of MEMS Electrostatic Torsional Micromirror
 h) Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles